What Is The White Glove Concierge Service?

Hand with white glove holding truck

Concierge service from Strategic Movements is like having a good concierge at a hotel.

Although we can’t get you booked for a relaxing spa service or local entertainment, we can help by taking a look at your data and your current business process. And then we can help you configure and use Strategic Movements in the most effective way.

Business Process Review

First we need to understand your business.

Products or services? Do you assign work to a trip, a specific worker, or a specific vehicle? Do your trips have multiple starting or ending locations? Do your customers have time windows?

We help by making sure your configuration exactly fits your needs.

Initial Data Load

On any new application, there is always data to be loaded once before anything useful can be done.

With Strategic Movements, we need to load the locations where trips start and end, and any workers or vehicles if they will be used during the assignment process.

You can also load all your existing customer at this time to ensure that each one is located properly.

The New Process

Route planning and optimization changes your business process. What was done by hand is now automated, but this means that work data has to sent into Strategic Movements and the scheduled work has to be sent back.

The concierge service includes training time to teach the primary user how to move data in, perform tasks for the routing process, and move data out for printing or communication to other other applications.