A Better Way To Select Carriers

For many shippers, the decision on whether to use their private fleet, an FTL carrier or an LTL carrier for any given shipment is based on a set of predetermined rules.

The opportunity to save by choosing a different carrier on any given day is lost because it is just too much work to get LTL rates and then compare them to private fleet or FTL rates to find the least cost solution.

Strategic Movements considers all the costs and can make this decision for you.

How Does It Work?

The AI based assignment process eliminates the human from considering all the possible ways to build a set of loads.

It considers the cost of private fleet vehicles, the cost of FTL carriers and the cost of LTL carriers for each shipment during the load building process.

It continually narrows down the list of possible solutions until it finds the lowest cost.

And, best of all, it does it in seconds, not minutes or hours.