An Efficient Way To Deliver and Pickup Products

Product delivery is more than just loading and unloading a truck. At a bare minimum, loading in the order of the stops to be made must be considered, and the last stop to be delivered needs to be loaded first.

But how should the stops be ordered? Is the absolute shortest route really the best one? Are there driver satisfaction considerations as well?

Many drivers prefer driving a longer distance to the first stop, making deliveries in a smaller area, and then making a longer drive back. A good scheduling process will take this into account.

What Needs To Be Considered?

  • Doing pickups? Can they be loaded at any time or only when the truck is empty?
  • What are the vehicle limits? How do you measure them? Weight? Cube? Pallets? Gallons?
  • What are the customer time windows? You have to arrive at specified time, but do you also have to leave before some other known time?