We have pricing for manual dispatching, static routing with master schedules, and fully dynamic routing.

Check out the GPS+ package for full GPS vendor integration and additional dispatching features.

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Manual Routing

Drag and Drop Dispatching

Static Routing

Master Schedule Building and Maintenance

Dynamic Routing

AI Assignment Process


Upload Robot

Automated Data Uploader

QuickBooks Interface

GPS Vendor Integration

Performance and Compliance Reporting

Customer Time Windows

Configurable Vehicle Limits

Quarterly Billing Price Per Vehicle Per Month

Semi-Annual Billing Price Per Vehicle Per Month

Dispatch Only


per vehicle per month

with annual billing



Static Routes


per vehicle per month

with annual billing



Dynamic Routes


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with annual billing





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with annual billing



1. Is Strategic Movements right for me?

Check out our website and see what we do. Do you –

  • Deliver products or send service technicans to customers?
  • Have three or more vehicles on the road on a daily basis?
  • Make ten or more stops on a daily basis?
  • Spend more than ten minutes planning routes?
  • Want routes with less driving time?

2. What do I need to do for a free evaluation?

Check out the Try Before You Buy page and contact us.

3. What do we do?

We will process your data through Strategic Movements and create a user login to our site. You can –

  • Login in to our production web site.
  • View all of the data we used to build your routes.
  • View the results of the scheduling process.
  • View a typical report with the results.
  • See how much you can save with an automated work assignment process.

4. How does the free trial work?

When you start your free trial, we will send you an invoice. If you want to continue using Strategic Movements, please pay the invoice. If you decide against continuing service, just discard the invoice.

5. Are there discounts available?

Yes! Get a 5% discount for semi-annual billing and a 10% discount for annual billing.

More than 50 vehicles? We have discounts for our larger customers.

6. Do you support other ERP systems?

Yes. We work with all ERP vendors to provide an interface between their system and Strategic Movements. Contact us for more details on how we do this.

7. Which GPS vendors do you support?

Almost all GPS vendors provide interfaces to upload planned routes for tracking and to return the tracking data, as well. If we do not have an interface to your GPS vendor, we will work with that vendor to provide one.