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How To Reduce Route Planning Costs

When discussing optimization when planning routes, trips, or loads, the first thing that comes to mind is that the optimized end result reduces transportation costs by a significant amount. But there are other savings to be gained as well. The time needed to plan those routes, trips, or loads can take quite a long time every day.

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Route Optimization for Product Delivery

Andrew explains how Strategic Movements is for optimizing product delivery routes. The video includes a discussion on what factors are used in the optimization process and a demo showing data uploading, changing jobs before assignment, the assignment process, and changing assignments before printing.

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Using GP Transfer

Andrew discusses GP Transfer which allows you to send sales transaction data from Microsoft Dynamics GP to Strategic Movements by printing it using the GP Transfer report template which automatically sends the transaction to Strategic Movements for further processing.

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Using QuickBooks With Strategic Movements

QuickBooks is the first choice for an accounting application for small and medium size businesses. The QuickBooks store has many add on modules and Strategic Movements is the one for organizations needing route optimization and dispatching capabilities.

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Using GPS To Improve Driver Compliance

One of the key reasons for using a route optimization application is the ability to use a GPS application for tracking, and then to compare the actual route driven with the route that was planned. Route optimization can save anywhere from 10 to 30 percent in overall transportation expenses every day, but these savings only can be achieved when the driver follows the route given.

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Route Optimization Reduces Costs

Businesses are always in the process of reducing costs. Last mile product delivery is one place where costs can be reduced. Any business that does not use some type of route optimization or dynamic routing is leaving money on the table.

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Route Optimization Using The Daily Process

There are many ways to use Strategic Movements and one of the most common is take the work that needs to be done and to match each to a driver or vehicle so that the overall transportation cost is minimized. The simplest and easiest to use is the Daily Process.

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