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In addition to individual training and support services, Strategic Movements also offers specialized implementation services.

These services include group training, train the trainer, custom integration, and general consulting services.

Contact us for details on each of these services.

Group Training

Usually, we train the primary user on how to perform the daily route planning tasks, but there are times when more than one person needs to be trained.

We offer webinar style training for multiple users. Each user can view the training session and ask questions, as needed.

We also offer on-site training as well.

Train The Trainer

In some organizations, all training is done by the corporate training staff.

We offer customized training guide and will train the corporate trainer to train the end users.

And we will provide support to the corporate trainer to answer any questions that arise during training sessions.

Custom Integration

There are times when an organization needs a very tight integration between their business application and Strategic Movements.

We have a team experienced in implementing integrations and are able to design and implement solutions that will minimize human intervention when moving data into and out of Strategic Movements.

General Consulting

At times, implementing a change in business process requires an understanding and thorough documentation of the current business process.

Walzik offers consulting services, including business process review to Strategic Movements customers.

Knowledge of the special cases encountered in the last mile logistics of business process ensured that these case are considered when Strategic Movements is implemented.