Try Strategic Movements Risk Free

Let Us Show You How To Save Time and Reduce Transportation Costs

This is your opportunity to try Strategic Movements risk free.

Strategic Movements improves efficiency and reduces costs in two ways: process automation dramatically reduces the time needed to plan routes, and an artificial intelligence assignment process creates a set of routes with stops scheduled to minimize overall drive time.

Step 1

Check out our website and see what we do. Is Strategic Movements right for you? Do you -

  • Deliver products or send service technicans to customers?
  • Have three or more vehicles on the road on a daily basis?
  • Make ten or more stops on a daily basis?
  • Spend more than ten minutes planning routes?
  • Want routes with less driving time?

Step 2

Contact us at and let us know that you are interested in a free evaluation. Then you will need to give us the following information -

  • The number of vehicles or drivers you use on a daily basis.
  • The starting and ending addresses for these drivers or vehicles.
  • A spreadsheet file with the addresses that need to be visited and the amount of to be spent at each one.
  • It's risk free, so we don't need your credit card or a purchase order.

Step 3

We will process your data through Strategic Movements and create a user login to our site. You can -

  • Login in to our production web site.
  • View all of the data we used to build your routes.
  • View the results of the scheduling process.
  • View a typical report with the results.
  • See how much you can save with an automated work assignment process.