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Robotic Processing Automation Tool For Uploading Files

Turn the switch to robotic process automation

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Whenever an organization adds a new computer application, there is an implementation process involved.

Since no one really wants to enter data twice, part of the implementation is to take data from one application and enter into another one using some automated tool.

This usually requires some effort by the vendors of both applications. The sending application has to be configured to extract the data and the receiving application has to be configured to accept it.

At times, this can be as simple as changing configuration files, but for a seemless transmission of data there is usually software development or complex configuration changes.

And in most cases, it requires a significant investment on the part of the customer.

Robotic processing automation for automated load planning

... and let the robot do the work for you?

Why Robotic Processing Automation?

Robotic Process Automation, also known as RPA, is a technique where data from one application can be processed by another application with little or no human intervention.

To do this, an application known as a "robot" is deployed. Robots are simple because they do one, and only one, thing.

What are the characteristics of a robot?

  • Easy to install.
  • Performs one task.
  • Transparent to the user.

What Does the Walzik Upload Robot Do?

Most business applications can take data (sales orders or shipments, when using Strategic Movements) and place it in an external file for processing by another application.

The Walzik Upload Robot leverages this ability to move data into Strategic Movements for furthe processing.

  • Watches a specific folder for new files.
  • Selects files wih names matching a specific template. For example, all files with an extension of "csv" that include the string "sales".
  • Reads the selected files and sends the data to Strategic Movements.

What Does It Take To Implement?

The point of an RPA is that it is easy to implement and easy to use. Whether your business dispatches service technicians or schedules product delivery, simplicity is critical to success.

Most business application provide documentation on how to export data to another application. But if you have questions, you can contact us and we will help you through this process. If your application requires configuration by your vendor, we will work with that vendor to implement the robot.

  • Get the robot by clicking here.

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  • Follow the installation and configuration instuctions.
  • Configure the business application to export data files for sales orders or shipments.