GP Transfer

Transfer Data From Dynamics GP To Strategic Movements

Dynamics GP sales transaction screen

Take Dynamics GP sales transactions ...

Although many organizations use an ERP system to maintain their business data, not all of them have a easy way to transfer that data to an application that provides cost-effective routing for the last mile of the supply chain, the delivery to the customer site.

Nothing is easier than having a machine do the work of transferring data. And nothing is easier to implement than a codeless solution that requires no software development, only the installation of two tools.

GP Transfer uses robotic process automation (RPA) to do the work for you. No error-prone double data entry. No wasting time with a complex interface.

Whether you use Dynamics GP sales transactions for services or goods, if you have the responsiblity of delivering either, you need a way to reduce the time spent planning routes and then executing those routes in the most cost effective manner.

Strategic Movements takes work to be done from any business application (like Dynamics GP) and a list of trips (workers or vehicles) that can perform the work, and makes the work assignment process easy.

An artificial intelligence (AI) process can be used to make the assignments in the most efficient manner with little user effort.

It's not just automation, it is intelligent automation.

Strategic Movements route planning map

... and assign them to the right vehicles.

Easy To Implement

One of the hidden costs to implementing a new feature is the time and money spent just getting the new feature up and running. GP Transfer reduces these expenditures by providing a very simple installation and configuration process.

  • Install the Walzik Upload Robot. This is a robotic processs automation (RPA) tool that once installed will look for newly created files and will transfer them to Strategic Movements automatically.
  • Install the GP Transfer RDL file. Use the standard report services tools to add the file to the database report service.
  • Configure the new report. Use the GP tools to add the report to the Available Reports menu.

Easy To Use

After the GP Transfer report has been installed, sending the data from a sales transaction is only two clicks away.

  • In the ribbon bar, click on the Export for Routing item under the Available Report icon.
  • A box showing the record to be transferred will be displayed. In the file type, select CSV (comma delimited).

That's it! The sales transaction data will be written out, picked up the the robot, and sent to Strategic Movements.

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Easy To Get Effective Results

Once received by Strategic Movements, the sales transaction data is placed into a Job. Then from the Plans menu -

  • You can select the Job, review it, and make any changes if necessary.
  • Submit the Plan to use the AI assignment process to assign Jobs to Trips in the most cost effective manner.
  • Use the Dispatch Board to manually assign the Job to a Trip (vehicle and/or worker).