What’s The Big Problem?

One the largest problems for GPS vendors is churn. For many, this is the number one problem faced each and every month.

And maybe what you read here won’t stop churn, but it could slow it down.

To the GPS vendor –

How many customers do you lose each month? How many vehicles do you lose? How many new customers do you need to close every month just to keep even?

Have you found that there is no loyalty to a vendor that has provided excellent service for years? How many of your customers are just looking for the best deal and will switch to a new vendor whenever a better deal is offered?

One way to reduce churn is to offer something that ties into the actual operations of the customer. While it is fairly simple to find a new vendor when a customer is only looking to track vehicles and show the route trace on a map, it is much more difficult to find that new vendor when GPS is part of an operational process.

Strategic Movements offers way to keep customers from migrating elsewhere. It provides a way for a route planner to build routes each day by using a manual drag and drop process, by using a master schedule of static routes, or by using an artificial intelligence process to assign work to workers in the most efficient manner.

Strategic Movements can import data from the customer’s main business application, whether it be line of business specific or an ERP system. And after the service orders or delivery tickets are assigned to specific vehicles, those routes may be sent to your GPS system for tracking throughout the day.

And, maybe best of all, this can be done at no cost to you.

What we need is API documentation so that we can send the planned routes to you. We will write an interface at no cost. And we will put a link to your business on our website. And, if you provide us with an evaluation unit, we will even do a video to demonstrate the interface.

What we ask in return is that you tell your customers about Strategic Movements. Your introduction is the key to this process.

If Strategic Movements is right for your customer and can be integrated into their operational workflow, the chance for churn at that customer is greatly reduced.

Our team has experience in both vehicle routing applications and GPS. When you talk to us, we have the experience and know-how to help you with your churn problem.

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