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Whether you need a way to dispatch more efficiently, have a master schedule, or want to try dynamic routing, Strategic Movements improves efficiency and reduces costs. Better dispatching tools will save in the time needed to build routes and dynamic routing uses an artificial intelligence assignment process to create a set of routes with stops scheduled to minimize overall drive time.

You can use Strategic Movements for 30 days to see your actual savings.

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Check out our website and see what we do. Is Strategic Movements right for you? Do you –

  • Deliver products or send service technicans to customers?
  • Have three or more vehicles on the road on a daily basis?
  • Make ten or more stops on a daily basis?
  • Spend more than ten minutes planning routes?
  • Want routes with less driving time?

We offer a free consultation to make sure that Strategic Movements is the right solution for you.

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It’s risk free, so we don’t need your credit card or a purchase order.

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We will work together to ensure that Strategic Movements is configured properly to meet your needs. Then we will work with you closely for a few days to make sure you know how to use Strategic Movements most effectively before turning it over to you for the rest of the trial.

And we will always be there to answer any questions that you might have during the trial.

During the free trial, you will be able to see for yourself how Strategic Movements can save you time and money whether you are routing manually, from a master schedule, or dynamically with route optimization.

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