What Is The Cloud?

Cloud graphic

Cloud computing breaks with the traditional way of using business applications being deployed on business owned hardware in either a data center or on user desktop machines.

In this model, the total cost of ownership can be very high. There are capital costs for the hardware and upgrading that hardware when new business is secured or a new application must be deployed, and the costs of deploying desktop software across many machines when an upgrade is needed.

Cloud computing reduces the capital cost of hardware by using non-owned computer hardware and other infrastructure on a monthly fee basis; and reduces the cost of maintaining applications by using web based software that can be upgraded at one time for all users.

Infrastructure As A Service

Infrastructure as a service

Some solutions may have browser based screens, but the infrastructure needed for that solution may still be premise based.

Premise based solutions mean that the customer is still responsible for the hardware, internet connections, electricity and cooling. But a cloud based solution takes care of all this, leaving you to focus on your business, not IT issues.

A cloud based solution is infrastructure as a service, and may significantly reduce costs. Rather than using capital dollars for more computers and other infrastructure, expense dollars can be used each month for the services used. And over a period of time, the total cost of ownership is reduced.

By using our cloud infrastructure, not only is there no initial infrastructure investment, but you will never have to upgrade regardless of your growth.

Software As A Service

Software as a service

At one time, route planning, scheduling and dispatching solutions required an upfront payment plus an annual maintenance fee.

The software as a service business model replaces these two expenses with a single monthly payment based on the number of workers or vehicles that are being scheduled.

As a service it is scalable. As you grow you can add more workers and vehicles. There is no need to buy extra capacity just to be ready when your business grows.

Strategic Movements is always up-to-date. No time consuming and expensive upgrades are ever needed.