Configuring Strategic Movements

There are several ways to use Strategic Movements: as a dispatching tool with a load planner making the assignments manually, as a scheduling and dispatching tool for organizations using a master schedule of static routes, and as a scheduling and dispatching tool with an automated assignment process. Each of these ways provides a specific feature set. In addition, another extended feature, GPS+, is also available. Specific features can be enabled or disabled. When configuring Strategic Movements, a decision needs to be made whether or not to enable a specific feature.

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Using the Application Programming Interface

The Strategic Movements Application Programming Interface allows a software developer an simple way to move logistics data into Strategic Movements for further processing. Automation requests are made through a REST interface with a POST message containing an AutomationRequest object in the body of the message.

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Using The QuickBooks Interface

This document describes how to specify the QuickBooks invoice data so that the shipment data for that invoice can be properly processed in Strategic Movements. It also describes how QuickBooks data is mapped in Strategic Movements, and how to import the invoice data into a Plan.

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