Improving Efficiency In Short Haul Delivery

There are many ways to get information about trends and possible opportunities in almost all fields. This morning, I was reading the October, 2020 issue of Trains magazine and found an article on intermodal opportunities. While Strategic Movements does not handle intermodal shipments, the article cited some interesting statistics on motor freight in general.

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How Static and Dynamic Routing Help Restaurant Service Businesses

Restaurants need more than food for their operations. One necessary service is the delivery of new fry oil and the picking up of the expended product on a regular basis. In addition to a normal schedule, the provider also needs to handle emergency deliveries and needs to change the following day schedule when an emergency has caused schedule disruption.

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Using the Application Programming Interface

The Strategic Movements Application Programming Interface allows a software developer an simple way to move logistics data into Strategic Movements for further processing. Automation requests are made through a REST interface with a POST message containing an AutomationRequest object in the body of the message.

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Working With QuickBooks

QuickBooks has been one of the most popular accounting software products over the past few decades. It is now used by a very large number of both small and medium size businesses and is available in both desktop and web-based versions.

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Using The QuickBooks Interface

This document describes how to specify the QuickBooks invoice data so that the shipment data for that invoice can be properly processed in Strategic Movements. It also describes how QuickBooks data is mapped in Strategic Movements, and how to import the invoice data into a Plan.

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Impediments to Efficient Dynamic Routing

Although there are large savings to be achieved by implementing a dynamic routing application, there must also be the awareness that changing from a loosely implemented manual process to something more rigorous will require business process changes.

One thing to consider is that, in a manual process, there can be a lot of tribal knowledge in the dispatch office, or individual head knowledge, of important parts of the process that are either not written down or only exist in some unorganized documents.

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Are You Interested In A New Way To Plan Your Delivery Routes?

There are many organizations that are still planning their routes manually every day. Some use some simple web-based tools to visualize each route and some have no automated tools at all.

There are more than just a few vendors offering route planning solutions. Some are just simple tools to automate parts of the route planning process, some are parts of a complete transportation management system, but most fall somewhere in the middle, with features that they found useful to their customers.

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Choosing A GPS Vendor

Many organizations need to track their vehicles during the workday. And once the decision has been made to implement a tracking process, a vendor needs to be selected to provide this service.

But before there are answers, there must be questions. And the first one is what features are available from the various GPS vendors and what are the benefits provided?

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