Lately there have been quite a few articles written about labor shortages at the end of the pandemic.

It seems that many people are reluctant to go back to work due to lingering fears of COVID infection or the need to find quality childcare for their children.

This had led to companies not being able to find staffing at a wage that was formerly paid. This has been acute for restaurants, where workers paid minimum wage or less are flocking to distribution and retail jobs where the pay may be same, but the working conditions are better.

There is also a shortage of qualified drivers which leads to driving positions not being filled and drivers working overtime to make all the needed deliveries.

Route optimization software is a very inexpensive way to reduce costs in two ways:

  1. The route planning time is reduced. If the route planner doubles as a driver, this means less time sorting order and more time making deliveries.
  2. The routes produced by an optimization process are shorter. Fewer miles means lower fuel and maintenance costs, and less driving time. And, if overtime is being paid on a regular basis, the reduced driving time reduces overtime costs, as well.

Changing any business process can be challenging.  But linking parts of the process together is now easier than ever.

We are currently working with a customer where their inventory management system sends orders to QuickBooks for invoicing. Strategic Movements also has a QuickBooks interface, so those orders may be read. This can yield efficient routes with little human intervention.

The best solution is when an order is entered only once, and that order is then visible for accounting and for scheduling.

Strategic Movement can interface with many other applications, so the existing business process does not have to changed. The only difference is that the orders are scheduled more efficiently. The planner spends less time sorting orders and the drivers travel fewer miles.

The question always remains: How much do I have to spend to see these savings?

The modern answer is “very little”.

Strategic Movements is available for delivery operations for Just A Buck A Truck™, only one dollar per day for each vehicle. It can be integrated into your current business process with little effort.

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