Andrew explains how to use consolidated jobs in Strategic Movements.

Consolidated jobs are used to ensure that multiple stops are placed on the same vehicle and are serviced in an the order specified by the trip planner.

Welcome to Strategic Movements.

I’m Andrew. Today I am going to show you how to consolidate jobs in Strategic Movements.

Do you have times when two or more stops always need to be visited together?

It could be multiple stops in the same building, or stops in buildings that are very close together. Like office buildings sharing a parking lot.

To keep those stops together, Strategic Movements has a feature to consolidate multiple jobs into a single job for assignment.

In the Plans menu, click on Jobs to see a list of all available jobs.

Here there are two ways to consolidate jobs.

Above the list of jobs is the Consolidate link. This will find all possible consolidations in the list below. And for unassigned jobs, each job has a Consolidate link. This will find all possible consolidations for just that one job.

First, let’s look at finding all possible consolidations by clicking on the Consolidate link above the Jobs list.

Here you will see a list of possible job consolidation combinations. The distance used for finding nearby jobs is set in the Job Defaults form.

The job in the left column is the address that will be used for the new consolidated job. The job or jobs in the right column are those that could be put into the consolidation.

Let’s click on the Consolidate link to review the proposed consolidation.

Here you can drag jobs from one column to the other. You can also drag jobs in the Consolidated Jobs list up or down to place them into the desired visit order.

When the consolidated jobs are in the desired order, enter a job code for the new consolidated job, a job description, and then click on the Save Consolidation button.

The consolidation will appear in the list with a double tag icon next to the job code. The jobs in the consolidation appear with a single tag icon.

Now, let’s look at finding consolidations for a single job.

Click on the Consolidate link for a job and the Create Consolidated Job form will be displayed.

The search distance shown is taken from the Job Defaults. If desired, it can be changed if a larger or smaller area is to be searched.

Click on the Find Nearby Jobs button to find other nearby unassigned jobs.

To add a job to the consolidation, or to remove all the jobs, select the job from the list. Then click on the Edit link.

In the Edit Consolidated Job form, you can find more nearby jobs, change the job description, and then save the consolidation. Or you can unconsolidate and return the jobs to their initial state.

Consolidations can be used to ensure that all jobs near a specific location are always serviced by the same person at the same time, and in the desired order.

Thanks for watching. Hope to see you again soon.