Andrew explains how to add a viewer in Strategic Movements.

Viewers are used to allow read only access to users that need to view, but not change, operational data.

Welcome to Strategic Movements.

I’m Andrew and today I am going to show you how to add and use viewers in Strategic Movements.

Strategic Movements is designed to have one primary user making work assignments, but there are times that other users need to see, but not make, changes.

In Strategic Movements, viewers are those people who can login to Strategic Movements on a read only basis.

Viewers is an optional feature of Strategic Movements, and must be enabled by the Strategic Movements support staff.

Viewers are maintained from the My Profile menu. Choose Viewers to see a list of viewers.

To add a new viewer, click on the Create New link.

Here you enter the email address of the user which is used for login and the name of the user to be displayed.

The initial password may be entered here. If you want to let the user set the password, leave these fields blank.

Click Create Viewer and that user will be allowed to login.

Once the viewer has been created, that user name and password can be changed by clicking the Edit link.

To remove a viewer, click on the Delete link.

Let’s login as a viewer.

The viewer now has limited access to Strategic Movements functions.

From the Locations menu, reports can be used to print a list of locations and the details for each location can be viewed.

From the Plans menu, trips and jobs can also be viewed, but not changed; and all the reports are available.

The Dispatch Board is available to view the work assignments. If actual arrival time are available from a GPS unit or handheld device, the current status of the work being done can also be viewed.

Viewers are an easy way to give other people in your organization a way to view data in Strategic Movements.

Thanks for watching. Hope to see you again soon.