QuickBooks Invoice Shipment Data Easily Transferred for Route Planning, Scheduling and Dispatching

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. – Dec. 7, 2020

Walzik, Inc today announced the Strategic Movements QuickBooks Interface, a connection between QuickBooks Online and Strategic Movements, their web application for route planning, scheduling, and dispatching.

According to Walzik President Ron Dombrowski, “QuickBooks is the leading financial management application for small and medium sized businesses. Many of these businesses need to deliver products or dispatch service technicians, and need a route optimization process to produce efficient, low cost routes in the least amount of time”.

Dombrowski continued, “It was important to make this interface as simple and easy to use as possible. So we created a process that transfers all invoices with a specified shipping date from QuickBooks to Strategic Movements in just a few mouse clicks. And with only a few more mouse clicks, a cost effective routing solution will be produced.”

The Strategic Movements route optimization process uses an artificial intelligence algorithm to find a very low cost set of work assignments considering vehicle capacities, worker skills and time window requirements.

Walzik offers a free thirty-day trial for new users. If Strategic Movements does not provide value in reducing the time to plan delivery routes, or does not produce routes with reduced travel costs, or if it just does not fit in with your work flow, you will pay nothing for the trial period. No credit card, no purchase order, no risk.

Strategic Movements is now in the QuickBooks app store. This ensures that it meets all of the Intuit technical and security guidelines. Visit us in the app store to view a video showing how the interface works.

To learn more about the QuickBooks Interface, route optimization, and the Strategic Movements product delivery and service technician route planning, scheduling and dispatching tools, visit us at https://www.strategicmovements.com/quickbooks.

About Walzik

Walzik, Inc. is a leading provider of software services for product delivery and service technician route planning, scheduling and dispatching. The Walzik principals have been developing and marketing multiple vehicle optimization applications since 1989, receiving multiple awards for the products they delivered.