Andrew explains how to use the Walzik Upload Robot, an easy way to import data from almost any application into Strategic Movements in this two minute video.

Welcome to Strategic Movements.

I’m Andrew, and today I am going to talk about the Upload Robot.

Most business applications have the ability to export sales order or shipment data to an external file in some well known format. These formats include CSV, JSON, XML and XLSX.

How does it work?

The business application writes out one or more files to a specific folder and the robot does the rest of the work, detecting the new file and adding the shipment data to an existing plan in Strategic Movements.

You can send over a batch of sales orders at one time, or you can send them one at a time.

When all the orders for a given date are received by Strategic Movements, they can be assigned using the AI route optimization process.

For service technician dispatching applications, add on orders will appear on the Dispatch Board for easy assignment.

Here is an example.

After the file has been written to the specified folder, the job data is extracted and added to the specified plan.

The robot has processed the job and it is now placed at the top of the Unassigned list.

Actions, such as drag and drop, may then be used to assign this stop.

The Upload Robot allows you to connect your existing business application to Strategic Movements via robotic process automation, the way to replace human steps with effortless automation.

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Thanks for watching.

Hope to see you again soon.