Andrew explains GP Transfer, the report format used within Microsoft Dynamics GP, to move shipment data to Strategic Movements in this two and a half minute video.

Moving sales transactions easily from Dynamics GP to Strategic Movements allow the implementation of a business process that seamless turns sales transaction into highly efficient delivery routes using an AI route optimization process.

Welcome to Strategic Movements.

I’m Andrew, and today I will be telling you about using GP Transfer which allows you to send sales transaction data from Microsoft Dynamics GP to Strategic Movements.

What is GP Transfer?

It’s a way to select a GP sales transaction, print it using the GP Transfer report, and then send the transaction to Strategic Movements.

In Dynamics GP, open any sales transaction.

When you are ready to send the sales transaction data to Strategic Movements, click on the Available Reports button. Then click on the Walzik GP Transfer link.

Next you will see the data being sent. Click on the output selection button and select CSV.

The sales transaction will be sent to Strategic Movements.

In Strategic Movements, you will be notified that your sales transaction has been received.

If you are in the Plans screen, the number of jobs in the plan will be updated and an asterisk is displayed next to the number showing that it has changed.

If you are in the Dispatch Board, the new job will appear at the top of the list of unassigned jobs and is also shown on the map. Here you can make a manual assignment or click on the find best trip link in the job’s hamburger menu.

The result is that the GP Sales Transaction is in Strategic Movements and is ready for assignment.

GP Transfer. An easy way to send sales transactions from Dynamics GP to Strategic Movements for route planning and scheduling.

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Thanks for watching. Hope to see you again soon.