QuickBooks is the first choice for an accounting application for small and medium size businesses and Strategic Movements is now in the QuickBooks app store.

In this video, you can see how QuickBooks invoices with shipping dates can be brought into Strategic Movements for optimized route assignment.

Welcome to Strategic Movements. I’m Andrew and today I am here to tell you about the using QuickBooks with Strategic Movements.

QuickBooks is the first choice for an accounting application for small and medium size businesses.

The QuickBooks store has many add on modules for QuickBooks.

Strategic Movements is the one for organizations needing route optimization and dispatching capabilities.

Let’s take a look at how easy it is to take shipment data from QuickBooks and transfer it to Strategic Movements.

Here is an example of invoices in QuickBooks.

Let’s take a look at one of them.

Here we can see the scheduled shipment date. This is the date that this shipment will be assigned in Strategic Movements.

Back in Strategic Movements, we are going to add this shipment data from QuickBooks to a daily plan by clicking on the jobs link.

Here we click on the import link to bring in the jobs.

And then click on the import button to start the process.

The invoices are then copied into Strategic Movements and the results are shown.

After reviewing the results, click the Close button.

A list of jobs created from the invoices is shown.

Click on the back to list link to return to the list of plans.

Here you can click on the submit link to start the route optimization process.

The progress of the assignment process is shown.

When complete, you can click on the dispatch board link to see the results.

Here you can move stops around, or click on the print button for a report.

The QuickBooks interface.

  • Enter invoices in QuickBooks.
  • Set the shipping date.
  • Import into Strategic Movements.
  • Use the route optimization process.
  • And view a low cost assignment solution.

Thanks for watching.

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