Now that the election is over, and your email inbox won’t be getting the frequent solicitations from the party or candidate of your choice, the Strategic Movements team would like to offer you something different: our new website.

Over the past few weeks, we have been working on ways to tell our story better and we feel that the new website tells it effectively. We are combining it with new emails for our blog and video posts, like this one. And we are actively promoting with social media.

Our goal is to offer ways to make the life of the route planner easier and to help save on transportation costs.

We know that there are many different ways to plan routes: Some organizations have very complicated needs and must make each assignment manually. Some have a master schedule of static routes that are executed on a regular basis and are changed only infrequently. And some can use fully dynamic routing where there is flexibility on which stop is assigned to a vehicle or worker.

We also know that building routes is not the primary task in any business, so we provide many ways to connect to other applications. We can pull shipment data from QuickBooks and extract sales order data from Dynamics GP in just a few clicks. We also have simple ways to bring data from most common file formats into Strategic Movements for processing.

Vehicle tracking is very important for many of our customers. So, we offer ways to send planned routes to GPS tracking applications and to receive data back to compare the planned routes with the actual execution.

Business has been tough for many companies that offer services or make product deliveries. Many long time customers have been lost and this has had an effect on the companies serving them. On the other hand, new businesses have been started or expanded that need more services or products.

Better tools can truly help those going through these changing times.

When you have an opportunity, please take a look at and let us know what you think.

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