Why Dynamic Routing?

Although Strategic Movements may be used as a manual dispatching tool, or to maintain and dispatch master schedules of static routes, it provides the greatest savings when used for dynamic routing. Dynamic routing, also known as automated routing or autonomous routing is the technique where the work of a human route planner, load planner or trip planner is done by a computer process.

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The Case for Automated Tools for Route Planning

The history of mankind is full of cases where a tool is discovered or invented, and that tool is used to make some task easier or more efficient, or both. From tools as simple as picks and shovels, to looms and sewing machines, to automobiles and airplanes, ways have been found to complete a task in less time than had been required before. So why are so many things still done in an inefficient manner?

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Configuring Strategic Movements

There are several ways to use Strategic Movements: as a dispatching tool with a load planner making the assignments manually, as a scheduling and dispatching tool for organizations using a master schedule of static routes, and as a scheduling and dispatching tool with an automated assignment process. Each of these ways provides a specific feature set. In addition, another extended feature, GPS+, is also available. Specific features can be enabled or disabled. When configuring Strategic Movements, a decision needs to be made whether or not to enable a specific feature.

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