QuickBooks has been one of the most popular accounting software products over the past few decades. It is now used by a very large number of both small and medium size businesses and is available in both desktop and web-based versions.

Every accounting system can render an invoices for products and services sold to customers. QuickBooks also provides an invoice form which can show additional shipping related fields, if configured. These fields are used to specify how a product is to be shipped, and the shipping date. For service businesses, the ship date is used to specify the date on which the service will be performed.

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On the QuickBooks side, the only configuration needed is to turn on the shipping related fields in the invoice form.

In Strategic Movements, access to QuickBooks is configured by specifying which invoices are to be imported based on the “ship via” code in the invoice.

Once configured, invoices with a specific ship date may be imported in a work plan with a single mouse click. To ensure the security of the data kept in QuickBooks, the user must enter the correct credentials to start the import.

During the import process, QuickBooks invoices are used to create Strategic Movements jobs, which can then be assigned using either the manual or dynamic route planning tools.

With just a few mouse clicks, efficient delivery routes may be built from the shipment data in QuickBooks.

The new Walzik QuickBooks Interface is an easy to use tool to save money by reducing the time needed for the task of planning routes, and by producing highly efficient low-cost routes, as well.

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