This document describes how to configure QuickBooks and Strategic Movements to allow the shipment data from QuickBooks invoices to be imported and processed by Strategic Movements.

In QuickBooks

The first part of the configuration process is configuring the QuickBooks Invoice screen.

Strategic Movements uses the Shipping fields in the invoice to determine the ship date and other shipping parameters.

If shipping data is not configured for the QuickBooks invoice form, click the gear icon in the upper right hand corner of the invoice form. The Choose what you use form will be displayed.

Check the Shipping box. Then close the form by clicking on the X in the upper right corner.

The Shipping fields will be enabled for all QuickBooks invoices.

In Strategic Movements

The second part of the configuration process is to specify how invoices are selected within QuickBooks.

From the Strategic Movements My Profile menu, select the QuickBooks Parameters item to configure the selection parameters.

There are three fields used to control which invoices are imported:

  • All Shipments to Strategic Movements: If checked, all shipments will be imported by Strategic Movements, regardless of the Ship via setting.
  • Ship Via Selector: If all shipments are not to be imported and processed by Strategic Movements, this is the code to be used for selecting invoices to be processed by Strategic Movements.
  • Invoice Search Days: All invoices created in this number of days in the past will be searched for a valid shipping date.