The Dynamics GP interface consists of two parts: a report used within Dynamics GP, and a robot application that finds the file generated by the report and uploads it into Strategic Movements.

The Walzik Upload Robot

The first step is to install the Walzik Upload Robot application on the machine used to access Dynamics GP.

The GP Transfer Report

Once the Walzik Upload Robot is installed, then download the report file.

  • Click –>here<– to download the installation file.
  • When the download is complete, and the file is shown at the bottom of the browser window, open Sql Server Report Services (SSRS) and navigate to the report folder.SSRS report folder
  • Select the downloaded RDL file.SSRS select file dialog
  • Click Manage on the context menu for the WalzikGPTransfer report.SSRS manage dialog
  • Set the database connection to the GP company. SSRS database connection dialog
  • Open Dynamics GP and open a sales transaction. In the Available Reports select Assign Reports and add the WalzikGPTransfer report to list of reports to be shown.