Robotic Process Automation Used to Move Sales Transaction Data for Route Planning and Scheduling

Atlantic City, NJ – May 26, 2020

Walzik, Inc today announced GP Transfer, an interface between Microsoft Dynamics GP and Strategic Movements, their web application for route planning, scheduling, and dispatching service technicians and product delivery vehicles.


Dynamics GP Sales Order

According to Walzik President Ron Dombrowski, “Organizations need a cost-effective way to deliver goods and services to a changing customer base in these unsettled economic times. Yesterday’s customer may have gone out of business and another one may be taking its place, but in a different location with different requirements. Business process automation is all about getting the last mile planned efficiently, reducing planning time and reducing transportation expenses.”

Dombrowski continued, “We wanted to produce a feature that could send data to Strategic Movements with minimal user interaction. It had to be a codeless solution with no software development needed and it would require no specialized installation or configuration on the GP side. ERP customers want a simple, but powerful, way to plan delivery routes using the data already maintained in their existing systems.”

GP Transfer is distributed as a report file for the Dynamic GP’s database report module, SSRS. After installation, the Dynamics GP user will be able to select a report from the Sales Transaction Entry screen. That report will place that transaction data into a file which will be then be sent automatically to the Strategic Movements website. The actual transfer is done using the Walzik Upload Robot, a robotic process automation (RPA) tool.

Once the sales transaction data is received in Strategic Movements, the route planner can review the data, and then use either manual or the artificial intelligence (AI) assignment tools to build routes.

GP Transfer is available at no cost to all Strategic Movements customers who use Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Walzik also offers a free thirty-day trial for new users. If Strategic Movements does not provide value in reducing the time to plan delivery routes, or does not produce routes with reduced travel costs, or if it just does not fit in with your work flow, you will pay nothing for the trial period. No credit card, no purchase order, no risk.

To learn more about GP Transfer and the Walzik product delivery and service technician route planning, scheduling and dispatching tools, visit

About Walzik

Walzik, Inc. is a leading provider of software services for product delivery and service technician route planning, scheduling and dispatching. The Walzik principals have been developing and marketing multiple vehicle optimization applications since 1989, receiving multiple awards for the products they delivered.

Walzik also works with Microsoft Dynamics GP value added resellers to provide transportation solutions for their customers, and is looking for partners working with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and other ERP systems. Contact for complete details.

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