Donna explains how to install and use the Walzik Upload Robot, an easy way to import data from almost any application into Strategic Movements in this four minute video.


Hi! I’m Donna and I am here today to show you how to install and configure the Walzik Upload Robot.

The Walzik Upload Robot is a Robotic Processing Automation Tool. It is used to take the sales order or shipment data from your business application and send it to Strategic Movements for further processing.

Let’s get started.

From the main Strategic Movements Upload Robot page, click on the link to the robot download page.

For those more comfortable with written instructions, this page tells how to download, install and configure the robot. Or you can follow this video.

Click on the Download Robot button. The installation file will be downloaded to your computer.

Click on the button in the tray in the bottom of your browser window. The Walzik Upload Robot Setup program will start.

First, read the license agreement, check the box agreeing to the terms, and click on the Install button.

When the installation is complete, click on the Finish button. The Walzik Upload Robot Configuration Utility will start.

Here, there are several fields that need to be entered.

  • Enter your API key from your Strategic Movements profile page.
  • Enter the plan code to which the jobs are to be uploaded. To send jobs to the plan with today’s date, enter #TODAY. To send jobs to the plan with tomorrow’s date, enter #TOMORROW. To send jobs to a plan on a date specified in the job, enter #WORKDATE.
  • Select the folder where the files to be uploaded will be placed by your business application.
  • Select the folder where these files will be placed after processing.
  • Enter the file name pattern for the upload files. For example, to upload CSV files, enter star dot CSV.
  • If there are files that match the pattern that are to be specifically included or excluded, enter the expressions used for matching. Pattern matching uses regex. Consult our regex documentation to learn how to use this feature.
  • Select the type of upload: Jobs and Locations, Jobs Only or Locations Only.

Finally, click on the OK button.

The Upload Robot is now ready to use.

What is expected in the files to be uploaded? Check out the online documentation and videos on configuring uploads for complete details.

The Walzik Upload Robot makes it easy to take your sales order or shipment data and send it to Strategic Movements where they may be assigned by your load planner or be assigned to vehicles or drivers using the Walzik Artificial Intelligence assignment process.

Thanks for watching. Hope to see you again soon.