Not every ERP or other business application can divide sales or delivery orders into pieces that will fit into single vehicles. Cube and weight limits need to be considered and sometimes a single sales order might require more that one type of vehicle.

The Strategic Movements job splitting functions have been provided to break a single job into two or more parts for easy assignment.

There are two ways to split jobs.

The first way is for jobs not yet on the Dispatch Board.

  • Within a plan you can select a job and then click on the Split link.
  • Here you will see the job as it was entered with the cube and weight values, work time, and any user data.
  • Enter the amount or value to be retained on the original job in the Retain column and the amount or value to be placed into the new job in the Split column.
  • Then click the Save button and you will see a new job in the list.

The second way is for jobs on the Dispatch Board.

  • Click on the hamburger menu icon for the job and select Split Job.
  • Here you can also allocate cube and weight values, change the work time, or change any user data fields.
  • Click the OK button to split the job and the newly created job will appear at the top of the unassigned jobs list.

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