Not everyone buys their groceries at major chains like Kroger or Walmart. Throughout the country, many people shop at either independent grocers or stores that are part of small chains.

And these stores are serviced by regional food wholesalers.

The regional food wholesaler purchases its supply of goods whether dry (packaged, canned, etc.), fresh (produce, dairy, meat, etc.) or frozen from it suppliers and then stocks these items in a warehouse. The independent store then places orders for these goods.

Unlike a large chain store where an entire trailer load of goods is delivered on an almost daily basis, the smaller store may receive a shipment on a less frequent basis, and the truck making the delivery may make multiple stops.

Although many wholesalers can plan routes that make deliveries to these stores on a regular and repeated basis, there are many times that the orders from the stores may vary and the most efficient use of the wholesaler’s vehicles may be to run a very different route.

Adding to the complexity of planning routes is that a temperature controlled trailer may be used and the trailer may have either fixed or movable partitions to separate the dry, fresh and frozen goods to be delivered.

Route planning and scheduling the shipment of these goods takes time, and the quality and efficiency of the routes planned depend on the skills of a route planner. This route planner will have other duties as well, and the time spent in planning can vary depending on these other duties.

An automated route planning application is cost effective in two ways: first, it allows the route planner to focus on important business issues, rather than spending time assigning orders to vehicles; and second, the routes from the automated tool are highly efficient, with fewer miles driven and fewer driver hours spent behind the wheel.

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