Business Process Review For Last Mile Deliveries

Many organizations that provide services at customer locations, or deliver goods to customer locations are being disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Now may be the time to take a hard look at how transportation is handled in your organization. The starting place is a business process review.

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Splitting Jobs In Strategic Movements

Not every ERP or other business application can divide sales or delivery orders into pieces that will fit into single vehicles. Cube and weight limits need to be considered and sometimes a single sales order might require more that one type of vehicle. The Strategic Movements job splitting functions have been provided to break a single job into two or more parts for easy assignment.

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How A High Resolution Panel Helps Route Planning Efficiency

A route planning and scheduling application will improve operational efficiency by planning routes in much less time than a human can, and will find routes that are less expensive to operate, as well. But there are other inexpensive tools available can make the route planner’s job even easier. Let’s take a look at one of them: the high resolution panel.

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