Now that the weather is getting warmer, many homeowners are seeing those small piles of wood shavings that indicate that either termites or ants are around. And this discovery inevitably leads to a call to a pest control provider.

Good pest control is not just a one-time call to have someone come out to eliminate the pests, but an ongoing service that has recurring technician visits to review how well the abatement is working.

From a route planning and scheduling perspective, there are several types of work that need to be done and some of these tasks need to be done by specific workers with differing skills.

In an area with considerable pest infestation, technicians are scheduled to visit customers on a regular basis. In addition to this, there are one-time urgent calls from existing customers, and calls from new customers requiring service.

Depending on the business practice, the new customers may receive a visit from someone with both sales and technical skills, while other visits are done by technician with technical pesticide application skills only.

And, depending on the area and the pests encountered, some technicians may also have specific skills required at a customer location. For example, a technician well versed in the control of insects might not be the technician needed when rodents are the problem.

So, when considering a route planning and scheduling application for a pest control business, what should be considered?

  • Can you put repeated regularly scheduled calls on the same route as one-time calls?
  • Can you assign technicians on the basis of skills?
  • Can you leave unassigned time on the route to handle urgent calls?
  • Can you have special routes for sales staff or supervisors?
  • How easy is it to add an urgent call, changing an existing planned route?
  • How well does the route planning and scheduling application integrate with your existing business application?

Strategic Movements has all of these planning and scheduling features, and has three different ways to integrate your business application, as well.

Service providers need flexibility to handle many different business processes. Do you want cost effective routes built in a short amount of time, and want to benefit from the savings? Visit us at Strategic Movements and see what we can do for you.

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