Building a new home requires supplies from many vendors and the work from many construction trades. And putting it all together requires scheduling, not only by the builder but by the suppliers and contractors as well.

One of these vendors installs the windows.

Most windows are made by just a few manufacturers and are stocked by both big box stores and companies that specialize in window installation.

The windows needed for most houses will not fill an entire delivery truck, so routes need to be planned to make multiple deliveries in one day in an efficient low cost manner.

Route planning for multiple trucks over a large geographic area with deliveries ranging from a few windows for a remodeling contractor to a complete set for a new home can be a time consuming task. Finding all the delivery locations takes time, and deciding which deliveries need to be put on each truck takes time as well.

Strategic Movements solves these problems.

First, the time to identify the delivery locations and make assignments is greatly reduced. And then the artificial intelligence assignment process finds the best set of delivery routes with the lowest overall cost.

Last minute changes? No problem. Anytime before the trucks depart, the routes may be changed by the load planner with an easy to use drag and drop interface.

Do you want cost effective routes built in a short amount of time, and want to benefit from the savings? Visit us at Strategic Movements and see what we can do for you.

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