RPA Tool Available As Free Download

Atlantic City, NJ – April 6, 2020

Walzik, Inc. today announced the Walzik Upload Robot, a robotic process automation (RPA) tool used to copy sales order or shipment data from almost any business system into the cloud based Strategic Movements route planning, scheduling and dispatching application.

“For small and medium sized businesses, one impediment to using an application that increases operational efficiency is moving the necessary data between applications” said Ron Dombrowski, President and Founder of Walzik. “It is much the same as the story about the want of a nail. Load planning time can be reduced and much more efficient routes could be planned if only it were easy to move the data. This is true for both service technician and product delivery route planning and scheduling. We feel that the upload robot will greatly simplify this process for many of our customers.”

Most business applications used by service or delivery organizations write sales orders or shipment data into files on a local computer. The robot, which starts automatically and runs silently in the background, waits for these files to be created and then sends them to the Strategic Movements application for further processing, including artificial intelligence based work assignment.

The Walzik Upload Robot is available as a free download to all Strategic Movements customers.

To learn more about the Walzik Upload Robot and the Walzik product delivery and service technician route planning, scheduling and dispatching tools, visit www.strategicmovements.com/robot.

About Walzik

Walzik, Inc. is a leading provider of software services for product delivery and service technician scheduling and dispatching. The Walzik principals have been developing and marketing multiple vehicle optimization applications since 1989, receiving multiple awards for the products they delivered.

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