As I write this, the coronavirus is still spreading and parts of the country are under varying business restrictions. Some places are still operating near normally, but other places are under severe restrictions, hopefully to keep people from contracting and spreading the COVID-19 disease.

Too many businesses look like the one here – closed for now, hopefully reopening soon.

When the restrictions are lifted, there will be many changes and the business community will not be the same. Some businesses providing services and goods may not reopen and some businesses that receive these goods and services will not reopen as well.

If you are in the business of providing services or delivering products, there will a time when some of your customers will be opening again. You will lose some old customers and you will gain some new ones. And however you serviced those customers, things will change.

If you are shutdown, now is the time to consider better ways to serve a changing customer base. Building new routes every day is a time consuming process, and, at some point, the human route planner cannot find routes as efficient as an automated intelligence process can.

How do you record your sales and plan your deliveries? Almost any business application that can print delivery tickets can also write that same information to a file. And that file can be picked up by Strategic Movements for route planning and scheduling.

And after the routes are built, you can still use a simple drag and drop process to make late minute changes to meet ever-changing needs.

When getting your business back to normal, there will be many challenges. Now is the time to consider ways to spend less time on things that can be done more efficiently in other ways.

You can try Strategic Movements at no cost. Tell us about the customers that you were serving and we can show you how we can produce efficient routes for you. No payments upfront, only after you get your business restarted. To find out more click here.

Do you want cost effective routes built in a short amount of time, and want to benefit from the savings? Visit us at Strategic Movements and see what we can do for you.

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