Daily Route Planning And Scheduling For Pest Control Technicians

Now that the weather is getting warmer, many homeowners are seeing those small piles of wood shavings that indicate that either termites or ants are around. And this discovery inevitably leads to a call to a pest control provider. Good pest control is not just a one-time call to have someone come out to eliminate the pests, but an ongoing service that has recurring technician visits to review how well the abatement is working.

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Using The Strategic Movements API

If an application is not easy to use, it won’t be used. There are several considerations for ease of use, and getting the needed data into the application in an accurate manner is one of them. And even though we are in the year 2020, there are still processes used every day by companies of all sizes that require data to be entered more than once.

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Planning For Better Times Ahead

As I write this, the coronavirus is still spreading and parts of the country are under varying business restrictions. Some places are still operating near normally, but other places are under severe restrictions, hopefully to keep people from contracting and spreading the COVID-19 disease.

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