Strategic Movements Now Available For a Free No Obligation Test

Atlantic City, NJ – March 18, 2020

Walzik, Inc. today announced a risk free evaluation of their route planning, scheduling and dispatching application, Strategic Movements, used to plan more effective routes for both service technicians and product delivery.

“Many small and medium size businesses that move either people or things could use a way to build their daily routes more efficiently, but the selection of an application to do this can be a daunting task” commented Ron Dombrowski, President and Founder of Walzik. “We want to make it very easy for someone interested in reducing route planning time and building better routes to try our solution”.

To try Strategic Movements, contact Walzik through their web page, tell them the starting and ending locations, and number of vehicles or drivers, and then send a spreadsheet with a list of places to be visited.

Walzik will process the data through Strategic Movements and give access to their website to review the results.

Strategic Movements improves efficiency and reduces costs in two ways: process automation dramatically reduces the time needed to plan routes, and an artificial intelligence assignment process plans the routes with stops scheduled to minimize overall drive time.

Dombrowski concluded “We wanted to create a way for a potential customer to actually see the results of automated scheduling without any financial commitments. No credit card required. Just contact us and ask for a free evaluation”.

To learn more about the Walzik product delivery and service technician scheduling and dispatching solutions, visit

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Walzik, Inc. is a leading provider of software services for product delivery and service technician scheduling and dispatching. The Walzik principals have been developing and marketing multiple vehicle optimization applications since 1989, receiving multiple awards for the products they delivered.

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