Donna discusses how process automation is used to connect various applications in this three minute video.


Hi! I’m Donna and today I am going to talk about the Strategic Movements Process Automation Interface.

What is Process Automation?

Process Automation is a technology where software is used to automate a process usually done by a person.

An example of Process Automation would be going from order entry to a shipping order and then sending that order to another application to assign that work to a vehicle or worker in a cost effective manner. And doing it without switching applications.

Process Automation requires some development effort to extract work data from a business application, to put it into a format to be sent to another application and then to pass that data to that application.

Depending on the business application, this may require anything from simple scripting to software development. It all depends on the business application.

What can you do with the Strategic Movements Process Automation Interface?

First, you can create a daily plan and send the work to Strategic Movements where it can be viewed by a route planner, who can then perform work assignments.

Second, you can add work to an existing plan. This is very useful if you have an existing plan, or plans, where work is added during the day.

Third, you can cause a plan to be submitted for automatic work assignment using the Strategic Movements Artificial Intelligence assignment process.

And fourth, if you want to upload customer data before uploading work to be done, you can upload one or more customer records at one time.

In all of these cases, you still maintain all of your business data in your existing business application, but can take advantage of a sophisticated work assignment process without adding extra steps to your existing business process.

Please watch the videos on the specific tasks you can perform through the Process Automation Interface.

What would you like to have in your application?

Reduction in route planning time?

Cost effective routes?

Both with only a click of a button?

Then talk to Strategic Movements and see how easy this can be.

Thanks for watching. Hope to see you again soon.