Donna explains the process to create a single date template plan to used on a regular basis in this three minute video.


Hi! I’m Donna and today I am going to talk about creating a Single Date Template Plan.

First, what is a single date plan? It’s the work to be done and resources allocated to do that work on a single date.

The plan consists of a list of trips; that is, the workers or vehicles assigned to do work, and a list of jobs, each specifying some work that needs to be done.

A template plan is a plan that contains a few plan parameters and the list of trips that will be used on some regular basis.

Since most organizations have the same workers and vehicles every day, but the work to be done varies, template plans are an effective way to create new daily plans.

Let’s get started.

From the main screen, click on the “Plans” menu item.

Here you can create the template plan by clicking on the “Create New” link.

First, you give the template plan a name, something like “Daily” or “Friday” to help you remember when it is used.

Then click on the “Single Date Template” button.

If desired, you can change other parameters here, but the simplest case is to click the “Create Plan” button now.

The template plan is created and added to the list.

Then click on the “Trips” link to add trips to the plan. Here we are going to create trips by clicking on the “Create Multiple” link and then specifying how many trips we need.

After the trips have been created, worker and vehicles may be assigned to each trip, or any other trip parameter can be changed.

How do you use the template plan?

The template plan named “Daily” is used with the Daily Process.

Here you can create a plan, upload jobs, and then submit the plan for work assignment with just a few clicks. Watch the “Daily Process” video for full details.

You can use the template plan when creating plans from the “Plans” screen.

Or, you can use a template plan with the Process Automation Interface to allow another application to start the process of planning work. The “Process Automation – Create Daily Plan” video covers this in detail.

Template plans make creating daily plans easier.

Thanks for watching. Hope to see you again soon.