Donna explains how to configure vehicles in this three minute video.


Hi! I’m Donna and today I want to show you how to setup vehicles in Strategic Movements.

Vehicles are used to carry either people or goods, or both, to a place where work is to be done.

By using vehicles, you can ensure that work to be done is assigned to a vehicle that has the capacity or attributes that can do that work.

This is an optional feature that may be included in your Strategic Movements agreement.

Let’s get started.

Vehicles are maintained by clicking on “Resources” in the main menu and then selecting “Vehicles”.

If vehicles have been created, you will see a list of vehicles here.

To add a new vehicle, click on the “Create New” link.

On this screen, you enter the vehicle code, or identification, and other information about the vehicle.

Let’s create a vehicle.

Then click on the “Create Vehicle” button.

As you can see, the vehicle is added to the list.

To change the information about a vehicle, click on that vehicle’s “Edit” link.

Here you can change any of the vehicle’s information.

Then click on the “Save Vehicle” button.

To see all the information about a vehicle, click on the vehicle’s “Details” link.

From here, you can edit the vehicle by clicking the “Edit Vehicle” button, or can return to the list by clicking on the “Back to List” link.

You can remove a vehicle by clicking on the “Inactivate” or “Delete” link.

If a vehicle is assigned to a Trip, you can inactivate that vehicle so that the vehicle is not available for future assignments.

If the vehicle has not been assigned to any trips, you can delete it.

The difference between delete and inactivate is that if you create a new vehicle with the same vehicle code as an inactive vehicle, the old vehicle is reactivated and will be available for assignments.

Let’s click on the “Delete” link.

You will be asked to confirm the deletion.

Click on the “Delete Vehicle” button to remove the vehicle.

And the vehicle is removed from the list.

Once vehicles are created, they can be assigned to trips. This is covered in the “Using Vehicles” video, so check it out for more information.

Thanks for watching. Hope to see you again soon.