Donna welcomes those interested in learning about Strategic Movements in this two minute video.

Hi. I’m Donna.

I know that you are busy so I want to take only a minute of your time to tell you about Strategic Movements.

It’s a web application you can use to effectively schedule service technicians or product deliveries.

In the supply chain or logistics world, it is called the last mile.

Let’s take a simple example.

Let’s say you have a furniture store and have fifty deliveries to make with a few of them also needing the pickup of the furniture being replaced, and you have seven trucks to do this.

How are you going to do this today?

Are you still sorting delivery tickets by hand on a table?

Do you use a whiteboard?

Do you have a paper map on the wall?

Are you sure that everything will fit on the truck?

Could you use one less truck if you knew that everything would still fit?

How much time would you save by being able to load a file from your sales order system, clicking on a few buttons, and getting that work assigned in just a few minutes?

But that’s only half of it.

The computer can find better routes with less driving time and fewer miles than you can get if you route by hand.

The team behind this product has been doing applications like this for over thirty years and has found that you can save at least ten percent on transportation costs over ninety percent of the time.

So if your business has service technicians or has product that needs delivery or pickup, check out our web page at

Thanks for watching. Hope to see you again soon.