Today I saw that McDonald’s purchased an AI startup with the intention of using their voice recognition technology to improve their ordering process.

With Artificial Intelligence everywhere, it may time for smaller distribution and delivery businesses to consider solutions that could improve their last mile processes.

In the past, most companies that implemented applications that could provide efficient delivery routes either had multiple locations or a larger number of trucks. Sales to companies with 30 of fewer stopes each day or 5 or fewer trucks were not as common.

In many cases, the effort of integrating a retail sales application or a general business application like Great Plains or Acumatica would be daunting enough to stop the effort to produce more effective routes.

Also, the upfront cost of an installing and implementing such a system would also be prohibitive.

The AI that produces efficient and effective routes should be available to all last mile providers.

With modern web based applications that can be easily integrated to sales and business systems that produce low cost routing solutions, and that can also be integrated into both handheld and GPS tracking applications, there is no reason that the smaller business cannot take advantage of the benefits from the use of artificial intelligence.

AI is for everyone.

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