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Are You Interested In A New Way To Plan Your Delivery Routes?

Ron Dombrowski July 29, 2020
Delivery trucks at dock

There are many organizations that are still planning their routes manually every day. Some use some simple web-based tools to visualize each route and some have no automated tools at all.


Choosing A GPS Vendor

Ron Dombrowski July 22, 2020
Keyboard with vehicle tracking buttons

Many organizations need to track their vehicles during the workday. And once the decision has been made to implement a tracking process, a vendor needs to be selected to provide this service. But before there are answers, there must be questions. And the first one is what features are available from the various GPS vendors and what are the benefits provided?


The Case For Last Mile Dynamic Routing

Ron Dombrowski July 15, 2020
Chart showing that as costs are reduced and quality increases, efficiency increases as a result

Anyone that works in an organization with service technicians or delivery workers that drive to customer locations knows that there is always some planning that needs to be done each day to get the work done. In the simplest case, a load planner prints out work tickets from a business application and gives them to the worker who will be doing the driving. So what’s wrong with a completely manual process?


Reducing Expense and Improving Efficiency for Service and Product Delivery

Ron Dombrowski July 8, 2020
Chart showing that as costs are reduced and quality increases, efficiency increases as a result

Strategic Movements is a cloud-based service for route planning for both service technicians and product delivery. It provides provable benefits to its users by reducing the labor expense of planning routes, by producing more efficient routes, and by offering the capability to measure driver compliance in the execution of planned routes.


Productivity Tools for Last Mile Manual Routing

Ron Dombrowski July 1, 2020
Dump truck delivering mulch to homeowner

In addition to support for dynamic routes where work to vehicle assignments are made using an artificial intelligence process, and support for static routes where the assignments are made each day based on a master schedule, Strategic Movements also supports two types of manual route planning. Manual route planning with Strategic Movements is useful for organizations that make deliveries of products or provide specialized services that cannot be automatically assigned using dynamic routes and do not recur on regularly scheduled basis.


Compliance Reporting For Last Mile Deliveries

Ron Dombrowski June 24, 2020
GPS tracking diagram

Most businesses want to reduce overall transportation expenses as much as possible while maintaining their equipment well and providing the level of service that their customers expect. For many businesses, a large part of the savings can be found using a software solution that makes intelligent decisions on assigning work to vehicles in the most cost-effective way. When the overall driving distance is reduced, so are fuel and other mileage-based maintenance costs. When the right assignments are made and the work is properly balanced, overtime costs are also reduced.


Tracking Work Progress With GPS

Ron Dombrowski June 15, 2020
GPS tracking on map

After route planning has been completed, tracking the execution of those planned routes is a very important part of the daily workflow for many organizations. Strategic Movements provides two parts of the tracking process. First, it can upload the planned routes to a GPS provider using their application interface. Then, as that provider captures tracking data, Strategic Movements can request that data on a regular basis and update the worker or vehicle position and status on the Dispatch Board.


Automated Interface Between Dynamics GP and Strategic Movements

Ron Dombrowski May 26, 2020
Dynamics GP sales transaction entry screen

Organizations need a cost-effective way to deliver goods and services to a changing customer base in these unsettled economic times. Yesterday’s customer may have gone out of business and another one may be taking its place, but in a different location with different requirements. Business process automation is all about getting the last mile planned efficiently, reducing planning time and reducing transportation expenses. GP Transfer is a codeless feature that requires no specialized installation or configuration on the GP side, and can send data to Strategic Movements with minimal user interaction. It is for ERP customers that want a simple, but powerful, way to plan delivery routes using the data already maintained in their existing system.


Welcome To Strategic Movements

Why Are We Here?

Experience Put To Work

Hand with map

Since 1989, the team behind Strategic Movements has been providing solutions for our customers to provide service technician or product delivery route planning, scheduling and dispatching to assign work with the lowest transportation costs.

For product pickup and delivery operations, critical to any supply chain is that 'last mile', where the product moves from the store, warehouse, or distributution center to the customer.

For service operations, providing quality service to both residential and commercial customers requires getting the right technician to the right place on time.

Either way, Strategic Movements provides a business process automation solution to put the right work in the right place to minimize the overall transportation costs.

A Cloud Based Solution

IaaS graphic

Some solutions may have browser based screens, but the infrastructure needed for that solution may still be premise based.

Premise based solutions mean that the customer is still responsible for the hardware, internet connections, electricity and cooling. But a cloud based solution takes care of all this, leaving you to focus on your business, not IT issues.

A cloud based solution is infrastructure as a service, and may be significantly less expensive. Rather than using capital dollars for more computers and other infrastructure, expense dollars can be used each month for the services used. And over a period of time, the total cost of ownership is reduced.

By using our cloud infrastructure, not only is there no initial infrastructure investment, but you will never have to upgrade regardless of your growth.

Software As A Service

SaaS graphic

At one time, route planning, scheduling and dispatching solutions required an upfront payment plus an annual maintenance fee.

The software as a service business model replaces these two expenses with a single monthly payment based on the number of workers or vehicles that are being scheduled.

As a service it is scalable. As you grow you can add more workers and vehicles. There is no need to buy extra capacity just to be ready when your business grows.

Strategic Movements is always up-to-date. No time consuming and expensive upgrades are ever needed.

Service Solutions

HVAC technician working on air conditioning unit

Service technicians and skilled tradesmen provide a broad range of services to your customers. Whether they will be working on home appliances, commercial HVAC, pest control, or something else, they need effective scheduling and dispatching to be in the right place at the right time.

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Product Solutions

Truck being loaded on dock

Product delivery is more than just loading and unloading a truck. At a bare minimum, loading iin the order of the stops to be made must be considered, and the last stop to be delivered needs to be loaded first. But how should the stops be ordered? Is the absolute shortest route really the best one? Are there driver satisfaction considerations as well?

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The Last Mile

Last mile puzzle piece

One part of an efficient logistics solution for service technician or product delivery is reducing the time needed to develop the schedule. The second part is to build schedules that are designed to minimize the miles driven and the time to drive those miles.

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How Do You Plan Your Daily Work?

Man planning with notebook

There are three ways to plan routes.

Manual routes where the routes are created completely by the route planner; static routes using a master schedule where the same basic route is run on some frequency; and, dynamic routes where an automated assignment process is used to make the work assignments.

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Who Can Use Strategic Movements?

Smiling driver

No matter what services and products you offer, what types of customers you support, what lines of business your company is involved in, or the size of your company, if you have drivers and vehicles that need to be scheduled, Strategic Movements can help.

Our advanced routing and scheduling services can be used by anyone involved with planning or moving things or people.

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Using Strategic Movements

Dispatch Board map closeup

There are seven major parts to the daily operation of Strategic Movements. These can be performed individually through the user interface or through the Daily Process, an easy way to further automate your business process.

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Diagram showing interconnecting gears

In today's world, most applications are specialized. You probably won't be able to find an application that provides sales order entry, inventory management, route planning, dispatching and asset tracking with GPS.

Each of these major functions requires an application dedicated to doing a specific task and doing it well.

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